Marketing Summary and Commendation Conference Held Successfully

On January 6, 2019, the marketing summary and commendation conference of C-Lin Electrical Co., Ltd. was ceremonially held in Yueqing, Wenzhou. Chairman Hu Zhixing, Vice Chairman Hu Zhilin and President Zhang Pengchun attended the conference and delivered an important speech. Nearly 100 dealer representatives from all over the country shared the fruitful results of C-Lin Electrical in 2018 and jointly had an outlook of the year 2019.

Chairman Hu Zhixing first delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude to the dealers and marketers who struggled in the front line of the market and thanked them for their hard work and cooperation and support for the Company’s standardization work. Chairman Hu pointed out that in the face of fierce market competition, C-Lin will seize market opportunities with innovation and execution so as to promote the leap-forward development of C-Lin. We are confident and determined to make the Company bigger and stronger. We also hope that all dealers can work more closely with C-Lin to win a greater development.


▲ Chairman Hu Zhixing Delivered A Speech

Subsequently, President Zhang Pengchun made a summary of the marketing work in 2018. He expressed sincere gratitude to all the dealers for their hard work, detailed the completion of the main indicators in 2018 and reviewed the work completed and shortcomings existing in 2018. In response to the marketing work ideas and tasks in 2019, President Zhang proposed to seek unity in thinking and strengthen implementation, adjust the functions of organizations, speed up optimization of the product structure, increase efforts to expand the market and implement the dealer reward system as soon as possible.

President Zhang pointed out that it was the first year for the Company to standardize its operation prior to triggering an IPO in 2018. The Company has achieved phased results as the standardization work was gradually implemented and improved and the Company’s performance and various indicators exceeded the expected targets. The Company’s IPO process is conducive to consolidating the foundation for development of the Company and improving the ability of the Company to resist risks as well as conducive for the Company to achieve a leapfrog development and comprehensively enhance the corporate brand and value relying on the capital market. As an important partner of the Company, all the dealers will also be tempered in the process, and win a broader future together with C-Lin!


▲President Zhang Pengchun made an annual summary report of the marketing work in 2018.

At the conference, the dealers who had outstanding performance in 2018 were commended. Vice Chairman Hu Zhilin read out the list of outstanding dealers in 2018 and fully affirmed their achievements.


▲ Vice Chairman Hu Zhilin Read Out the List of Outstanding Dealers

A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. In order to regulate the sales system process, the Company emphasized the importance and urgency of establishing a sales ledger. Hong Quanbiao, Manager of the Information Center, explained the operation process of the “dealer ledger” in detail so that the dealers have a more intuitive understanding of the ledger system.


▲Information Center Manager Hong Quanbiao

Encoder Engineer Zhang Cheng explained the servo encoders in detail, which will help marketers to expand the market advantages. Wei Shan, Director of Shenzhen R&D Company, conducted in-depth analysis of the sensors.

Post time: 2023-06-12