Use Concisely and Prudently after Reading Extensively & Break Forth Vastly after Accumulating Richly — 2018 Summary and Commendation & New Year Reception of C-Lin Electrical

Use Concisely and Prudently after Reading Extensively & Break Forth Vastly after Accumulating Richly — 2018 Summary and Commendation & New Year Reception of C-Lin Electrical


▲President Assistant Li Pingping Hosted The Reception


▲The Reception Scene

At the reception, the silhouettes of C-Lin Electrical’s annual activities were reviewed first. The reception rang up the curtain with the annual work report by President Zhang Pengchun. In the report, President Zhang pointed out that in 2018, China’s economy ran steadily but also faced a complex situation of having changes in stability and worries in changes. Under the wise decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and with the joint efforts of all the employees, the Company actively responded to risk challenges, solidly promoted high-quality development, maintained a good development trend, over-completed the established target in 2018 by 1.83%, and took another solid step in the journey of continued development.

In 2019, we will continue to combine with the guidelines of the Party and the country, steadily advance the strategies, standardize internal operations, build a new development pattern, adhere to leading with innovation, accelerate transformation and upgrading, accelerate the building of a talent team, create a distinctive culture, and build the influence power of the C-Lin brand.


▲President Zhang Pengchun Made An Annual Summary Report of 2018

With the end of President Zhang’s report, in the applause, Vice President Hu Yite read out the list of advanced representatives, and the advanced representatives spoke in turn, deeply infecting the on-site staff. C-Lin Chairman Hu Zhixing, Vice Chairman Hu Zhilin, President Zhang Pengchun and Vice President Hu Yite as well as NNC President Qiu Wenhui and Radin President Su Guoqiang presented awards to and took photos with the advanced collectives, advanced managers, advanced individuals of excellent dealers, and advanced individuals to recognize their contribution to the development of C-Lin Electrical.


▲ Vice President Hu Yite Read Out the List of Advanced Representatives


▲Excellent Dealer Representative Zhou Ruyi Made A Speech


▲Advanced Manager Representative Zou Junqing Delivered A Speech


▲Advanced Worker Representative Huang Zihong Spoke at the Conference


▲Chairman Hu Zhixing (third from right) Presented Awards to Advanced Collectives


▲Vice Chairman Hu Zhilin (fifth from right) Presented Awards to Advanced Managers


▲President Zhang Pengchun (sixth from right) Presented Awards to Outstanding Dealers


▲ The Commendation Ceremony for Advanced Workers

At the end of the commendation conference, Chairman Hu Zhixing made a toast and expressed sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to the dealers and all the staff who worked hard as well as their families. Looking back on 2018, all the people of C-Lin remained ambitious and steadfast in the fierce market competition and successfully completed their established goals.


▲ Chairman Hu Zhixing Made A Toast

Chairman Hu pointed out that as long as all the people of C-Lin unite and work together, the driving force for seeking a common development will be unstoppable, and C-Lin will certainly live up to the trust and expectations of everyone. Later, Chairman Hu raised the glass and proposed a toast by everyone for welcoming the New Year, today’s gathering, and C-Lin’s bright future!


▲Leaders Made A Toast for the New Year.

Everyone raised a glass of wine with a smile to celebrate the New Year. The reception was warm and joyful and began with a beautiful dance. The lottery drawing part sponsored by the Trade Union of C-Lin received the most screams and applauses. The eye-catching special award drawing pushed the reception to the climax.


▲Dance by the Employees


▲Dance by the Employees


▲Awards of the Annual Conference


▲Special Award Winner

Use concisely and prudently after reading extensively as well as break forth vastly after accumulating richly. The people of C-Lin worked together to go through 2018 and ushered in 2019 that is full of vitality and hope. Let us struggle toward higher and farther goals and achieve a new leap in the new starting point with a daring heart!

Post time: 2023-06-12