Blooming of “Xin” Flowers丨The Flower Arrangement Activity of C-Lin Electrical for the Women’s Day Aims to Make Them Beautiful!

In order to welcome the International Working Women’s Day, enrich the cultural life of women workers, make women workers relaxed and cultivate their taste, and improve their aesthetic literacy and aesthetic ability, on March 5, the Party Branch, Trade Union and Women’s Federation of C-Lin Electrical jointly held a flower arrangement activity titled blooming of “Xin” flowers.


The activity specially invited experienced florists to explain the knowledge, steps and skills on flower arrangement. Everyone was very interested in the art of flower arrangement and they interacted with the florists, asked about the knowledge of flower arrangement, and learned the theory of floriculture while indulged in the floral fragrance.


All kinds of flowers were overspread, such as mysterious and rare snow-mountain roses, elegant and romantic platycodon, eucalyptus leaves with a unique smell, and elegant green carnations. Under the guidance of the teachers, everyone paid attention to color matching and proper distribution, meticulously conceived and carefully trimmed. The colleagues who have a perfect artistic sense began to arrange flowers in a distinctive way, which is also beautiful and chic.



In rainy March, flowers bloomed quietly in the hands of the goddesses of C-Lin to bring a spring breath and festival joy. The flower arrangement activity allowed everyone to come out from the intense work and jointly feel and love beauty.


Post time: 2023-06-12