C-Lin Electrical Carries Out the Blood Donation Activity to Protect Life and Donate Blood Enthusiastically

In order to conscientiously implement the Blood Donation Law of the People’s Republic of China, fulfill civic duties and help the public welfare undertaking, on March 13, the Trade Union of C-Lin Electrical organized a blood donation activity. The employees of the Company responded positively and enthusiastically signed up for participation.


At 8:30 in the morning, a blood donation car arrived at Wei 19th Road where C-Lin Electrical is located. Under the guidance of medical staff, the employees completed matters from form filling, blood screening, and blood collection to receiving blood donation certificates in an orderly way.



The blood donation car has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Among them, there are many comrades who have donated blood for many times and also comrades who donate blood for the first time. Although the employees donating blood are different in age and position, they have reached a consensus on blood donation and said “unpaid blood donation is a citizen’s obligation and responsibility, and they will continue to participate in various public welfare activities organized by the Company.” Considering the physical condition of the blood donation staff, the Company arranged one-day vacation with pay for them after the blood donation.


In this blood donation activity, C-Lin Electrical’s employees explained the spirit of being happy to dedicate and enthusiastic for public welfare with practical actions. In the future, while deeply developing industrial control, C-Lin Electrical will continue to help the public welfare undertaking to bring more positive energy to the society!

Post time: 2023-06-12