Yueqing Mayor Fang Hui and His Group Visit C-lin Electrical

On the morning of March 19, Yueqing Mayor Fang Hui and his group came to survey C-Lin Electrical for its listing. Accompanied by the leaders of the Company, including Chairman Hu Zhixing, Vice President Hu Yite and NNC President Qiu Wenhui, they visited the workshop of C-lin Electrical.


▲ Yueqing Mayor Fang Hui and His Group Visited C-Lin Electrical

Mayor Fang Hui and his group visited the industrial automation production line of C-Lin, listened to the introduction of the cloud situation on the production line, remotely checked the real-time status of equipment, personnel, planning, quality, etc. through the data collection terminal, fully affirmed the achievements made by the Company on the successful transformation to a modern automatic manufacturer, and communicated with C-lin Chairman Hu Zhixing and others on machine substitution, automatic production, etc.


▲ C-lin Chairman Hu Zhixing (first from left) and NNC President Qiu Wenhui (right from first) Accompanied Mayor Fang Hui (middle) to Visit the Workshop


▲ Mayor Fang Hui Visited the Automatic Production Line


▲ Mayor Fang Hui and his Group Visited the Cloud Project of C-Lin’s Electric Relay Production Line

At the meeting, Mayor Fang Hui further inquired about the Company’s listing process and made guiding suggestions, and said that the city Party committee and government and functional departments on all levels will accurately focus on the listing work of the Company, give policy guarantee, and properly solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the Company in the process of listing to ensure the smooth progress of the Company’s listing and promote the healthy development of the Company.


▲ Talks Scene


▲ Mayor Fang Hui Gave Important Instructions

Chairman Hu Zhixing said that he would like to thank Mayor Fang Hui and other leaders for their support and love for C-Lin Electrical’s development over the years. The Company will make full use of the advantages of automatic production, maintain the concept of pragmatism and innovation, continuously enhance its core competitiveness, and go solidly and steadily on the way to listing.


Post time: 2023-06-12