C-lin Electrical Co., Ltd. is a non-regional joint-stock enterprise dedicated to scientific research, development, production and sales. Currently, C-Lin has a comprehensive business system ranging from design and development to manufacturing, sales and services. It is engaged in industrial control components, instrumentation, motor protection, inverters, soft starters and many other fields. These products are widely used in industrial control, machine tools, mechanical equipment, power systems and public utilities. C-Lin boasts more than 2,000 employees and a number of joint ventures and controlling subsidiaries, and the products are highly favored in the industry. With the development of the society, we will work harder to provide customers with reliable and stable products and all-around services.

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JWK Inductive Proximity Switch


In 1979, C-Lin first batch of relay came out
In 1991, C-lin brand emerged with the establishment of Xinling relay factory.
In 1993, C-lin obtained the national production license in the industry.
In 1999, C-lin restructure in to a more standardized "Zhejang Xinling Electric Co.,Ltd", then update to regional-free Co.,Ltd.
In 2008, C-lin won the title of "Science and Technology Growth Enterprise" and "Patent Demonstration Enterprise".
In 2009, C-lin won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise"
In 2010, C-lin was joining the national Torch Project.
In 2011, C-lin won the title famous Businesses in Zhejiang Province.
In 2014, C-lin won the title of "Zhejiang Province Patent Demonstration Enterprise" ," Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Credit A Class Enterprise" ," Wenzhou Technology Research and Development Center" and "Wenzhou Famous Brand Products"
In2015, C-lin won the title of "Advanced units of Patent Association Work"

C-lin' s business involves industrial control components, instrument, motor protection, frequency converter, soft starter and so on. These products are widely lused in industrial control, machine tools mechanical equipment, power systems and public utilities. It has more than 2000 employees, many joint ventures and holding enterprises, and the products are popular in the industry.